About Us




IRRUPT is a premium sound design and production company based in Denver and Berlin, that creates and curates sound elements for music producers and performers. IRRUPT’s creative sounds are designed to inspire studio productions, live performances, and creative DJ sets - to reach beyond what is formulaic, routine, and expected. These curated sound collections offer the creative audio producer musical inspiration, delivered at a granular level. All sound elements within IRRUPT’s collections are meticulously sourced, professionally processed, and precisely formatted by their producers to achieve maximum musical flow in any situation. IRRUPT offers premium, high-quality, precision cut loop audio for any DAW, sampler, DJ software or whatever else the future brings'


IRRUPT represents industry leaders, trendsetters, and innovators of sound creation with the desire to push boundaries. IRRUPT’s A&R is driven by passion, personal experience and dedication to engage the industries best in order to deliver the highest quality sound products that are authentic building blocks to inspire creative audio interpretations and expressions of self-identity.

Whether you are a producer, sound designer, performer or DJ, find your groove in the IRRUPT Sound Elements to express your creative ideas.