Rave At The Copacabana

Make the freshest tropical tunes around.

Rave At The Copacabana

Rave At The Copacabana
Make the freshest tropical tunes around.

Beautiful palm trees swaying in the warm tropical breeze. Delicious fruit infused cocktails being poured freely. A dancefloor packed full of golden tanned bodies, wearing next to nothing as they groove freely, celebrating this thing called music. This is what’s happening outside the windows of your studio, whilst you’re stuck indoors in a hot stuffy room, making all the music that will be played at these events. You are the true hero. This product is for you. We thank you.

‘Rave At The Copacabana’ is a perfectly created micro-pack for your use to make the freshest tropical tunes around. We’ve packed together an incredible amount of our favorite elements (collected from products like A Deeper Motive, Coconut Rhythms, Into The Afterhours, NYC’s Natural Rhythm, Pineapple Party People) which capture the warmth and soul of the sound. Everything with our professional grade tools ready for you to get busy effortlessly and easily.

Found inside are 5 construction kits with all the elements (wav loops, midi files and one shots) of each and every part of what you’ll desire to craft radiant sunshine sounds for sunshine people. No fuss, no filler – just exactly what you need.


  • 5 Construction Kits with all the elements (WAV, Loops, MIDI files and One-Shots)
    • 118BPM-122BPM
    • Waveform Audio - 24 Bits Per Sample - 44.1 kHz


    • Ableton Live • Bitwig Studio • Cakewalk SONAR • Cubase • Digital Performer • FL Studio • Logic Pro
    • Pro Tools • Reaper • Studio One • Reason + any hardware / software that accepts WAV FILES

100% Royalty Free

  1. Download Size: 279.5 MB